About Me & My Boss

About Me

I’m Aberdeen the Authorosaurus—the personal assistant of Mariposa Aristeo, an aspiring children’s author and illustrator. I’m a word connoisseur, certified idea supplier, and a professional at threatening to sit on authors who aren’t writing when they should be. I come from Inklebrooke, Alabookma, and I survive on eating books and drinking gallons of hot ink daily.

I’m currently working on a 999,999,999 word book (which may or may not be finished before I go extinct), and my deepest fear is having it rejected from a publisher. In between falling into plot holes or taking cover from the volcano of ideas, I try to get some writing done. I won the National Pencil Sharpening Award in 2017, and someday I hope to enter the writer’s block breaking event in the Olympics.

Although I’ll devour almost any novel, too many adjectives give me a stomachache, too many adverbs give me a headache, and cliches make me sneeze. So, if you want me to eat your book, please don’t use those unless you’re prepared to hand me a Kleenex and an aspirin.

Want to connect with me? You can follow me on Fossilbook, Stomper (the dinosaur version of Twitter), and Iguanodonram.

About My Boss

Mariposa Aristeo is a stubborn children’s writer who listens to herself too much and doesn’t listen to her assistant enough. As a reclusive INFJ, she enjoys quiet activities such as drawing, watching Pixar movies and old TV shows, reading Charles Spurgeon books, and burning spiders at the stake. She adores all dinosaurs, except me, and hopes to someday publish her kooky children’s book series without my help.

Her favorite things include chocolate-covered pineapple, the ocean, glitter, the color teal, and nuts (in other words, herself). Her non-favorite things include people, mint, people, germs, people, coffee, people, and people (did I mention she’s an introvert?).

In between writing and threatening to fire me, she enjoys illustrating books such as A Visit to Oaklenbrooke Farm and bringing other authors’ books to life at Literary Treasures. She works as the graphic, Instagram, and email manager at what I like to call “Saury Embers,” a place dedicated to burning rotten literature to a crisp.