About Me

AberdeenRawr! (That’s hello in dinosaur.)

My name is Aberdeen and I’m a book-eating, ink-drinking Authorosaurus from the createtus period. I’ll devour almost any novel, but too many adjectives give me a stomachache, too many adverbs give me a headache, and cliches make me sneeze. So, if you want me to eat your book, please don’t use those unless you’re prepared to hand me a Kleenex and an aspirin.

I’m currently working on a 999,999,999 word book (which may or may not be finished before I go extinct) and my deepest fear is having it rejected from a paleontolisher. In between falling into plot holes and taking cover from the volcano of ideas, I try to get some writing done. I won the national pencil-sharpening award in 2017, and someday I hope to enter the writer’s-block-breaking event in the Olympics. In my spare time, I like to hang out with my best friend, Dee-Dee the Doodledactyl.

My mom said I was eating her out of house and home, so last year I decided to work for Mariposa Aristeo, an aspiring author/illustrator. She’d been asking around for someone who had experience in supplying ideas, taste-testing pages, and threatening to sit on authors who aren’t writing (not that I’m in the habit of squashing people). I enjoyed working for her so much this past year that I decided to start this blog to record all my exploits in her office. I hope by learning to be her assistant, I can be yours too by helping your book to become the tastiest it can be. Feel free to browse my digsite for wisdom, and if you happen to excavate any stupidity, ignore it at your own convenience.

Want to connect with me? You can follow me on Fossilbook, Stomper (the dinosaur version of Twitter), and Iguanodonram.