Two (More) Tags In One Post

Just last month I was tagged twice here I am again with two more tags! I suppose I could’ve ignored them and given you something to read that was more helpful, but you know I can’t resist participating in a tag and sharing with you all my fabulousness and Mariposa’s non-fabulousness.

The Second Sunshine Blogger Award

Rules of the tag:

01. Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link back to their blog so others can find them. Rawranks, Jenna (that’s dinosaurian for thank you)!

02. List the rules and display an award logo on your blog post.

03. Answer the 11 questions the blogger asked you.

04. Nominate 11 new blogs.

05. Ask the nominees 11 new questions.

The questions:

1. What song makes you smile?

Mariposa: I have to chose ONE song?! You know how many songs make me smile? I’ll just chose the first one that pops to mind then—Memories by Matthew Parker.

Aberdeen: Booklover by the Prehistoric Players.

2. What book gave you the most feels?

Mariposa: Fawkes.

Aberdeen: Jurassic Park.

3. Favorite childhood memory?

Mariposa: I don’t know if I really have a specific favorite childhood memory; more like favorite childhood moment. Carrying my teal teddy bear everywhere (yes, he was teal), snuggling with mom, watching my father work and admiring the sports trophies in his shed, etc.

Aberdeen: She means she has a poor memory. I have good memory hence I know exactly what my favorite memory is—eating.

4. Favorite self-care activity?

Mariposa: Bicycling.

Aberdeen: Eating books.

5. Favorite productivity hack?

Mariposa: Shutting off distractions and listening to music.

Aberdeen: Sitting on Mariposa, of course.

6. Name three of your favorite bloggers.

Mariposa: Jenna, Sarah Baran, and Danielle Droubay.

Aberdeen: Ditto to what she said.

7. Pets with blue eyes or no?

Mariposa: How can any sane person even answer no to this question?! Of course!

Aberdeen: I am not human and I am not sane, so I shall answer no.

8.#teampancakes or #teamwaffles?

Mariposa: Why do I feel like I’ve answered this..?

Aberdeen: Because you have.

9. Do you like to plan every moment or just go with the flow?

Mariposa: PLAN EVERY MOMENT. I like the unexpected, but only if I carefully plan it out.

Aberdeen: Plan every moment to disrupt all Mariposa’s plans.

10. Gold or silver?

Mariposa: Silver! (I don’t like gold at all)

Aberdeen: Green. I’ll say green.

11. Favorite autumn read?

Mariposa: Fawkes.

Aberdeen: Anne of Green Scales.

My questions for you:

1. What’s your favorite Disney movie(s) (and if you don’t like Disney, then dishonor on you and your cow)?

2. Favorite Christmas song(s) and why?

3. Are you a neat freak or a slob (no offense, I like slobs. They make me look good)?

4. Do you prefer raptors or T. Rexes (ha–you have to answer dinosaurs this time, dragon-lovers)?

5. Narnia or Lord of the Rings?

6. What would be your dream birthday celebration (please invite me. If you’re an introvert, I promise I’ll scare off all the guests)?

7. If you had to lose one of your senses (sight, touch, sound, taste), which would it be and why?

8. Your dream superpower?

9. Your favorite favorite tag that you’ve ever done?

10. I’m running out of questions.

11. And the all important question, do you like bacon with sweet food?

The It’s So Classic Tag

Rules of the tag:

01. Link to Rebellious Writing (

02. Answer the questions.

03. Tag at least 5 bloggers.

The questions:

1. What is one classic that hasn’t been made into a movie yet, but really needs to?

Mariposa: An Old-Fashioned Girl.

Aberdeen: Mine.

2. What draws you to classics?

Mariposa: They’re like a grandfather telling stories—they may be old-fashioned and long-winded, but they’re full of wisdom and interesting to listen to.

Aberdeen: The authors were smart and could actually think unlike humans nowadays.

3. What is an underrated classic?

Mariposa: Eight Cousins.

Aberdeen: Mine.

4. What is one classic that you didn’t expect to love, but ended up loving anyway?

Mariposa: I honestly can’t think of any.

Aberdeen: Mine.

5. What is your most favorite and least favorite classic?

Mariposa: An Old-Fashioned Girl as my most favorite and Chronicles of Avonlea as my least favorite.

Aberdeen: Mine and mine.

6. What is your favorite character from a classic?

Mariposa: Lucy from The Chronicles of Narnia.

Aberdeen: Berfurd from my book.

7. What’s a popular classic that you felt wasn’t actually that great?

Mariposa: Little House on the Prairie—I adored the TV series, but I never could get into the books (but that was a long time ago, so maybe I should try reading them again)

Aberdeen: Pride and Prehistoric.

8. Who is your favorite classic author?

Mariposa: Louisa May Alcott

Aberdeen: Myself.

9. In your opinion, what makes a classic a classic?

Mariposa: A story with feeling and relatability that doesn’t cater to the current fads, and by doing so lives on past that generation and onto the next.

Aberdeen: I like it.

10. Relating to newer books, what attributes does a book need to have in order to be worthy of the title “classic”?

Mariposa: Ingenuity, excellence, and empathy.

Aberdeen: It’s written by me.




Camille (she just started her blog in June–so go check out her sweetness and give her a follow!)


And whoever has or hasn’t been tagged.

15 thoughts on “Two (More) Tags In One Post

  1. An Old Fashioned Girl and Eight Cousins are so underrated!! If they made a movie of An Old Fashioned Girl, I’d be so happy. ❤ How do you like Little Women compared to An Old Fashioned Girl and Eight Cousins/Rose in Bloom? Also, what do you think of the new Little Women movie? (compared to the old/compared to the book, casting, etc.)

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yesss! 😍❤️ *petitions for An Old Fashioned Girl movie right now* I like Little Women better than Eight Cousins, but Old Fashioned Girl better than Little Women (I really need to reread all these again, it’s been a while 😛). I haven’t seen the new Little Women movie, and I haven’t watched the old movie in a while so I can’t compare it very well. 😉 How about you? What’s your opinion of the new movie?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I agree with that order of goodness/enjoyability. ;P Have you read Rose in Bloom? (the sequel to Eight Cousins)

        It actually hasn’t come out yet! I don’t usually like book adaptations as movies unless they follow the book super closely, so I was skeptical. However, the trailer looked really good, so I’m going to go see it! (I’m not a fan of the old one…the casting doesn’t make sense to me and they changed the content drastically)

        Liked by 2 people

  2. I’m with Mariposa on the blue eyes question. 😂 😂 So…which one was I tagged for? Both? 😆 I may end up doing the It’s So Classic tag one of these days…we’ll see. 😉 In the meantime, here’s the answers for the Sunshine Blogger. 😉
    1. I’m gonna cheat and count Disney-Pixar, since I like them better than straight Disney: Cars, all the way!
    2. “I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day” or “It Came Upon a Midnight Clear.” And honestly, I’m not really sure why. But I also love “Christmas in Dixie,” and of course “There’s Always Tomorrow” from Rudolph and… This is a dangerous question. 😂
    3. Neat freak. All the way. I don’t mind if things are messy, as long as it’s an organized mess in my mind.
    4. Raptors!!
    5. *don’t kill me* I’ve never read or watched either… 😔
    6. PIXAR’S NEXT MOVIE RELEASES A WEEK BEFORE MY BIRTHDAY SURE YES YOU’RE INVITED. Seriously, I may be in the only person in the world celebrating my 19th birthday with a total Pixar theme. It’s gonna be epic. Lightning McQueen and Toy Story everywhere. I plan to go all out like I’m only nine or something.
    7. Uhh…taste?? That’d still be rough, but at least I could still do everything normally??
    8. Reading people’s minds. (My family decided that for me. Hashtag INFJ.)
    9. Probably one I haven’t posted yet about autumn. 😉
    10. I feel ya.
    11. If maple syrup counts as sweet food…??

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are tagged for whichever one you want. 😛

      RUDOLPH IS SUCH A GREAT CHRISTMAS CARTOON (Mariposa’s favorite—though I personally prefer Rudolph the Red-Tailed Raptor).

      I’M INVITED TO A PIXAR PARTY!!! *jumps around so hard that I break Mariposa’s floor*

      INFJ’s rock (yes, I’m an INFJ, why do you ask?). 😜🦖

      Liked by 1 person

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