Your Imaginary Assistant Has Arrived: Part 2

Have you all been enjoying your new assistants from my post last month? If you have, I’m glad. And if you haven’t, I’m glad because an unenjoyable assistant is usually the most helpful (myself a case in point).

But the Author Assistant Agency is preparing to send out another round of helpers to those who haven’t received one yet. And I’m very proud to be the one to deliver them to you!*

Meet Vivienne, A. N. Parker’s assistant, a friendly steampunk fox who can paint descriptions like Leonardo Da Vinci can paint murals!

Next, I’d like to introduce you to Maya’s assistant, Katriona Aurelie Day Took! She can can shoot arrows and hit brilliant ideas and use them to transport people into fantastical worlds!

Meet R. M. Archer’s two-inch tall humanoid, Zeke the insulter–master in rearranging so that you can’t find anything and blasting writer’s block with his fire powers.

Say hi to Pandora, Allie’s new assistant (another small humanoid–man these are getting popular)! Despite her diminutive size, she has enough brainpower to move a giant and remember that brilliant ideas you forget to write down.

Meet Jeb, Eden’s hobbit who can talk your ear off (but not your head) and survives on eating hobbitian pizza. He has a ph.D in magicology and a degree in happyology and can use his wand to create anything a writer wishes! He can even create a library with pizza making machines if you feed him enough potatoes!

I’m sure you wouldn’t like to meet Julia’s assistant, Shadowslayer, because she’s trained to be ferocious to a fault and will slobber and all socks–whether you offer them to her or not.

Since the Assistant Agency is so swamped, they sometimes miss applications. So if you have requested an assistant which hasn’t arrived yet or know someone who has, please comment below with a link to the post and I’ll try to deliver their assistant to them as soon as possible!

*You must pay a surcharge of two delicious books upon delivery of assistant. If not, the AAA will be forced to take your assistant away from you.

23 thoughts on “Your Imaginary Assistant Has Arrived: Part 2

  1. Aww, that’s my Jeb!! He looks exactly like I envisioned him! *screams* THIS IS SO PERFECT! 🤩 Thank you Author Assistant Agency, you have fulfilled my every wish! Here’s your two books…I even made sure one of them is pizza flavored. (I hope Aberdeen likes pizza?)

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