20 Writing Prompts that are Guaranteed to Blow Your Mind Away: Part 2

Believe it or not, I haven’t posted any prehistoric writing prompts since last year! Seems like I’ve been so preoccupied with prompting Mariposa (a grueling task), that I’ve forgotten all about prompting you!

But my memory suddenly started working for once, and I remembered how long it’s been since I last posted some writing prompts! So, if you’re stuck and don’t have any story ideas, here’s some fresh inspiration! And if you’re not stuck, well then, here’s some fresh laughter!

1. “Human are such idiots,” the velociraptor groaned, covering his face.

2. “I don’t like to eat dinosaur eggs for breakfast,” Billy moaned.

3. For some reason, dinosaurs thought humans were extinct.

4. “But your rules state that you allow pets!” I banged the counter.

“That doesn’t mean a four-ton Allosaurus!” the clerk spat, pointing at my dinosaur.

5. “I’ve never seen a live dinosaur before.”

The crowd gasped, staring at the boy in shock.

6. Most knights fight dragons, but Sir Arthur of Arimea fought dinosaurs.

7. The cowboy rode into town yelling “giddy up!” to his stegosaurus.

8. The police don’t rescue a pterodactyl out of the tree everyday.

9. “Dragons only” the sign read, but the T. Rex stomped in anyway.

10. Alan followed the brachiosaurus footprints to a little blue house with a white picket fence and a sign that said “beware of dog”.

11. “Ah!” the Spinosaurus yelled, running away from the bunny.

12. “I can’t reach it! I can’t reach it!” The T. Rex stretched for the rope.

13. A theropod stomped into the ballroom. “And this one runs on batteries.” The scientists grinned.

14. Being a dinosaur isn’t easy when you’re three inches tall.

15. “Jurassic Park was a rip-off.” Charles petted the carnosaurus that snoozed on his lap.

16. “Where’d everybody go?” the tyrannosaurus asked as everyone stopped moving.

17. Until today, owning a dinosaur was illegal.

18. “Now this is only going to hurt a tiny bit.” The doctor yanked the theropod tooth out of my back.

19. The committee of prehistoric creatures gathered together to discuss whether or not they should inform humans of their existence.

20. “We now know the real cause of the dinosaur’s extinction.” The broadcaster looked at me as if he knew I was the reason.

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