A Day in Mariposa’s Office: The Start of a New Project (& a New Roof)

Spring is a time for life. Baby dinos hatch. Maiasauras build their nests. And meteor showers hit your house.

Yep, smack-dab in the middle of my roof.

I called the meteorfighters (like firefighters, except they ride comet trucks and carry a blaster instead of a hose), but they didn’t get here in time, and now all my rough drafts are ruined—or more ruined than they were before—and my notes and journals are looking like I stuffed them in the oven, changed my mind, and then decided to put them in the incinerator instead. No one was sympathetic about it either, because when I posted about it on Fossilbook, all my friends liked it.

I have new friends now.

Planting & (Not) Planning in the Office

Setting my personal grievances aside, I’ll move onto more pleasant topics. I planted some ideas in the plot outside Mariposa’s office last week to help her with the remaining symptoms of her writer’s block from last month. So we’ll see what comes of that. She may not even need those idealings since that new project of hers ours is reviving her brain cells.

For this project, she did away with the planning, outlining, and overthinking and just wrote the thing (and it’s becoming a rather nice thing, if I do say so myself). Mariposa hadn’t pantsered since before she met me and became unserious about writing. She had difficulties letting go at first, but I told her to write the way she’d run if she were being chased by a Tyrannosaurus Rex, and that fixed the issue. Also, this project is unlike any we’ve tackled before (nothing more than I can handle—don’t know about my boss though) because 1) the project is a collection of short stories and she almost never writes those, 2) the stories aren’t action-adventure, sci-fi, or fantasy—so basically boring stories that aren’t boring, and 3) the POV is omniscient.

Yes, you read that right: omniscient. Sounds scary, don’t it? That is probably because that was my idea. And no, I’ve never written in that POV before. My boss has never written in that POV before. I can bet my books you haven’t written in that POV before either.* And you can also bet that was a stupid idea. But what can I say? It’s not my fault my boss is dumb enough to follow my advice.

Let’s just say that my boss and I are planning a meeting next week to discuss how to keep our readers from thinking we’re unintentionally head-hopping and realize that we’re intentionally head-hopping.

About Our Project

Although this project is new, it is also quite old. Something blue is in it and she borrowed the names of the two main characters from a couple guys she’s never met.

And no, she’s not getting hitched.

In usual stubborn Mariposa fashion, she insisted I keep this project a secret and swore if I ever told anyone she’d fire me for good. Well, I don’t mind getting fired for good since that means it isn’t for bad. Besides, she’s only ordering me not to say anything because she knows I’m a loud-mouth and really wants me to tell you.

The stories are loosely based on my boss’s childhood. She changed a few things, of course. Basically, if she were an extrovert instead of an introvert, a boy instead of a girl, and blonde instead of a brunette, she’d be the spitting image of her protagonist. Writers gotta have some creative leeway with reality, you know!

The stories star two brothers, one named Dave and the other Sonny. You can now successfully deduce that the title of this project is called The Misadventures of Dave and Sonny.** The stories are about their misadventures (obviously) with four-wheelers, living squirrels, dead squirrels, and bewitched squirrels (don’t ask). The story is set in the south and our minds our set in the plot, so don’t be surprised if we start dropping the g’s in our talkin’ and start comparing everythin’ to somethin’ else (’cause that’s what southerners do).

Unfortunately, that’s all I can give you for now. The rest is confidential—or until I sneak into her office next month and take the back blurb, character sketches, and quotes out of her desk when she is pretending not to be looking (she sees everything).

What secret projects have you been working on? I promise you I won’t tell anyone. And I can promise you that I will break that promise not to tell anyone.

*Please do not take this bet seriously. If you have written in omniscient POV, I shall not and will not give you my books.

**My boss is an uncreative creative.

11 thoughts on “A Day in Mariposa’s Office: The Start of a New Project (& a New Roof)

    1. I’m not sure whether I’d call it bravery or just plain stupidity, but either way it works. 😜

      Thank you for your condolences—I’ve been trying to get a hold of my insurance agency, but so far no luck. 😕 I may even have to move in with my boss for a while until it’s fixed.

      Liked by 1 person

            1. If Calvin can keep a bloodthirsty tiger in his house, I’m sure you can keep an ink-thirsty dinosaur. 😉
              Maybe the carpenters can redo your floors for free as well as the roof if they know you work with a dinosaur.

              Liked by 1 person

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