A Day in Mariposa’s Office: Surveying & Strategizing

After all that thinking last month, my boss and I are ready to stop thinking. Believe me, it’s as bad as it sounds, because now it’s time to work and start implementing our goals for the new year. And, of course, like the logical beings that we are, we had to set high goals (not good for theropods with short-arm problems or boss ladies with short-body problems). Our goals for the year are:

1. Finally finish revising the revised version of the revised version of Mariposa’s revised time travel book.

2. Send that revised book off to beta readers and mine off to beta eaters.

3. Self-publish one book on Amazon (while she’s waiting for traditional publishing).

4. Eat more books (especially healthy ones).

5. Outline Nuts (work for a nut, and you’ll end up writing a nutty story).

6. Gain a few more followers on my digsite—like say, five hundred?

7. Finish my 999, 999, 999 page book.

8. Send out some queries for my boss lady. I hope agents appreciate getting mail from a dinosaur…

Of course, that is just a handful of the goals. We have some more personal goals like being more loving, wise, and random. What are some of your goals? I hope reading more of my digsite is one of them.

Speaking of my digsite, the survey results are in! And I must say you all did an impeccable job at remaining anonymous since two of you signed your name on the survey. One person rated me at a four, which baffles me. Not that they rated me as a four or that they were the only person, but I’m wondering, “Why are they even reading my blog?” I mean, with all the good cat videos on YouTube, surely they can spend their time better than reading my digsite.

But the general consensus was that you all either like or love me, and that nearly brought this authorosaurus to tears (which, by the way, is a bad idea, because I cry ink tears, and my boss lady has a terrible time getting that off her carpet). You left some very encouraging comments that have encouraged me (authorosauruses have feelings too and sometimes feel discouraged, so it’s nice to hear that—thank you!). Also, you all generally want to see less of me and more of Mariposa.

I shall remember your positive comments and try not to be insulted by that.

So I came, I saw, and now I will listen to your answers. You want more of Mariposa? More of Mariposa you will get (don’t say you weren’t warned)! You may have noticed my social media activity has been spotty, and that is because I’m making some serious changes to the Digest in March (I will get back to posting regularly on IG then) in hopes of taking it to the next level for your laughter. I have an exciting new article series starting (for those who took the survey, you know what I mean, and for those who didn’t, well, tough luck) and a few other things I won’t mention for the pleasure of torturing you with suspense.

So, until then, you’ll have to be satisfied with this under-level digest.

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