A Day in Mariposa’s Office: Freezing, Thinking & Reflecting

As cold-blooded as I am, you’d think I’d love winter, but I don’t. My scales get so dry from washing off the human cold germs. (One thing I’ll never understand is how hands get dry from washing them. You use water to wash them. You put on lotion to make them not dry. The first ingredient in lotion is water.) I’ll stick to something through thick or thin, through rain or shine, but not through cold. Mariposa, on the other hand, doesn’t mind winter so much. She’ll stick to something hot or cold, thick or thin, but not through snot and influenza.

In other words, we’re going into hibernation mode until the icicles thaw and germs have been evicted. This gives my boss lady an excuse to actually write for once. Because what else is she going to do?

Don’t answer that question—it might give her ideas for distracting activities.

We’re also designating January as our official thinking month (not that we don’t think the other eleven months of the year) to mull over new possibilities and ways to avoid past stupidities. My boss shall be thinking about some serious things, like what she wants to do with her life, the structure of her next book, and how long she can go on pretending I’m real (don’t you dare tell her I’m not).

I, on the other claw, am deliberating on how I become a better assistant. This is a matter too difficult for me to unbiasedly assess on my own wisdom, so I’ll be requesting use of your intelligence next Wednesday (whether you decide to lend it to me or not is up to your own discretion).

Prior to our future thinking, we’ve been reflecting on the past (undoubtedly due to the fact that it is now a new year). 2018 was quite an eventful year, filled with many unexpected surprises. Overall, I’d say it was a T. Rexiffic year because:

1. I launched my digsite.

2. Mariposa met a good friend for the first time. Unfortunately, at the time I was elected as my state’s representative in the block-breaking event in the Olympics and couldn’t meet her. But it’s probably a good thing because I might have died since this friend advises people to drink poison.

3. I conquered writer’s block…mostly.

4. Mariposa went to a book festival and met more friends for the first time and survived despite her expectations of introverted doom. Unfortunately, I couldn’t go that time either because the festival had a strict dragons-and-humans-only rule. Dumb dragons. They’re always getting the fanfare.

5. I survived Mariposa’s absence.

6. Mariposa illustrated a children’s book (release coming soon…I think).

7. I ate 98,675 books.

8. Saury Embers launched and Mariposa became their graphic designer. She had too much stuff to do so she became their Instagram manager. She still had too much stuff to do so she become their email manager.

Now me and Mariposa are wondering, what’s 2019 gonna bring?

8 thoughts on “A Day in Mariposa’s Office: Freezing, Thinking & Reflecting

  1. Ah yes. Looking toward the new year. Tis crazy indeed. Much thinking required.

    Also… 98,675 books??? That’s… 270 a day! (ish. Not great at maths.) Yikes… Maybe I should hire you as an editor! xD

    Liked by 2 people

    1. We dinosaurs need lots of books to give us energy. 😛

      I don’t think you’d want me as an editor—my teeth would tear your book to shreds (if you don’t believe me, just ask my boss lady. You should see what I did to the last book she gave me to edit).


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